Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's been a while. Please stand by.

Hi everyone.

It's been a while since i'v posted on here and I am currently working on a new website.
The Olympics were a blast and I hope to share the experience with you through my new site coming soon. Onwards and Upwards :)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tour of Friesland "Nothern Holland"

An Epic 3 day training camp with our international group, consisting of Dorian Van Reijsselberghe (NED), J.P Tobin (NZL), Alexander Guyader (FRA), and our legendary coach Aaron McIntosh (NZL). We were also joined by 2 wonderful women, Marina Alabeau (ESP) and Marceline De Koning (NED).

Day 1: 40km downwind across the Ijsselmer (large man made lake) after reaching the NorthEast side of the Ijsselmer we sailed our windsurf boards into the locks and the control lowered us to the canal level.
As the water level below our feet dropped we began to get excited to bomb through the canals with planning conditions. Many interested onlookers taking pictures as it was a bizzar site to see a half dozen windsurfers bombing through the 100meter wide canals.

Track of our first day.

Enjoy the vid!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hairy Leg Revolution Team Time Trial

Upon returning home for a month from the World Cup in Holland, I had rediscovered my legs on the road bike and wanted to put them to a bit of a test. 

I had met two rowers at the 08 Olympics who shared a similar passion of biking with me, Ben Rutledge (Olympic Men's 8 Gold) and Scott Frandsen (Pairs Silver). We entered in the Escape Velocity dEVa Warp Speed 20km Time Trial / 40 km Team Time Trial.  

The 4 person TTT was to take place after the 20km ITT. We dubbed ourselves as the "Hairy Leg Revolution" this name came about as we were of the few with not cleanly shaven legs. 

The ITT was a good ride on the flat farm land of Abottsford, a time of 29:25 a finish of 3rd in the Cat 5 Men. 

After smashing ourselves on the 20km ITT it was time for the 40km TTT. We had a solid run  55:04 winning the Cat 3 category. 

I look forward to racing a couple more TT as it is great fun!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Open 60 Sail in Auckland, NZL

I was able to join the " O Canada" open 60 team for a day. She is the most amazing boat I have sailed on, and what an experience it was. Everything you touch on the boat is carbon fiber and man alive does she cut through the waves.

This boat is designed to be raced solo around the world in the roughest seas. No toilet, no kitchen, little sleep and dehydrated food for 90 days (if your fast)
Check the vid below of some great shots of the boat in action.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Duel 2010 - 50km Mountain Bike Race

The Duel was held on the dual islands of Rangitoto and Motutapu, situated 15 minutes by ferry from downtown Auckland. A last minute decision to do a mountain bike race turned out to be well worth it.

Since in NZL I have been mountain biking with training partner JP Tobin (one of worlds top Olympic class windsurfers). After many years of tempting me to get on a mountain bike, I came to my senses and we started hitting the beautiful trails around Auckland.

JP kept telling me about The Duel and how nice it was.  JP was defending his tittle this year and was going to race so I made a last minute decision to go over and try out my mountain biking skills in 50km race.

The race started fast with a sprint straight into a 10minute ascent up Motutapu. A small decent then into the 250meter ascent up Rangitoto where I came over in 6th place only to have the volcanic rock claim my only inner tube. Shortly after changing to my spare it was claimed as well, leaving me to watch the race go by. An hour wait and a saint appeared with spare tube.

So Definetly in last place now by a good portion and time to enjoy the view and get a nice work out :) A small comeback was performed from 191st to a finish of 120th and a time of 3:28. What a fun and spectacular race. I hope to come back and do it again next year.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surf Movie. Old School : )

On our rest days we like to have fun and recover our bodies. There was small fun surf out on Great Barrier Island and we found some old school boards and wetsuits in the basement of the house we were renting. Out came the video camera and then the fun started!!!
Note: My handstand was successful just not recorded :(
Dorian and I... I mean Dingo and Apache

Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Barrier Mission

4 Athletes, 108km, Auckland to Great Barrier Island off the cost of New Zealand. An Epic Journey in strong 20 knot avg winds gusting to 30 + knots.

Total Distance : 108 km
Average Speed : 36.0 km/h
Max Speed : 48.6 km/h
Duration : 180 min
JP Tobin - NZL
Dorian Van Rijsselberg - NED
Kevin Stittle - CAN
Zac Plavsic - CAN

Thursday, September 10, 2009


2009 RS:X World Championships